Calçotada in Suriol's vineyards

Calçots a Can Suriol
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45.00 €
In the middle of the vineyard of "l'Hort" you can enjoy a "calçotada" with Can Suriol wines
A visit in Can Suriol... that ends up with a Calçotada!

  • 12: 00h Welcoming at the entrance of the cellar where there is a viewpoint with an excellent perspective of the vineyards and Viloví (the white town due to the chalk in it's subsoil).
  • 12: 15h Welcoming glass to explain a brief introduction of the cellar. The visit will be different depending on the time of year and for each group and their concerns. 
  • 12: 30h We will visit the Castle of Grabuac and/or the Suriol's chapel where you will know the history of the Castle and Suriol's family.
  • 13: 00h In our vineyards we will introduce the organic world, we will explain the differences between organic and conventional cultivation.
  • 13: 15h We will pass through the Can Suriol room where we will explain the various wine tourism activities that can be done in our facilities.
  • 13: 30h We will cross the cellar and explain the elaboration of organic wines and cavas. Depending on the time of year we can taste some fermenting or murky wines.
  • 13:45h We end the visit with a tasting of 1 or 2 Suriol products.
  • 14:00h Walk to "la Sinia" Can Suriol (less than 3 minutes by car).
  • 14:15h Appetizers with a glass of cava in "la Sinia" of Can Suriol.
  • 15:00h Calçotada outdoors (depending on weather).
  • 15:30h Menu consisting of green salad, artichokes, beans, toast and garlic mayonnaise in the center of the table with the main dish: catalan grilled meat (lamb, sausage and bacon).
  • 16:15h Lemon Sherbet and toasted bread with hot chocolate. Coffee included.
  • 17:00h Estimated time of completion of the service. 

Approximate time: 6h 

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Informació addicional

Depending on the group who can change the selected themes for "aging in barrics" and / or "cava elaboration".

Due to rain, the vineyard is replaced by one of the other issues proposed and the "calçots" will be eaten inside the "la Sinia" of Can Suriol.

The menu was matched with organic wines and cavas from Suriol (half bottle per person). For those who don't want meat, we have grilled cod. Water and sodas included.

Wine tasting only for people over 18 years.