Combined visit Subirats Castle and Torre-Ramona

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Before the concert, visit the Castle of Subirats, especially 1100 years (917-2017) and the medieval village of Torre-Ramona, discover architecture and history

Subirats Castle opens its doors Saturday's concert at 10 am with a guided tour where you can discover its history and enjoy the view over the Penedès plain. Following a path through the woods and vineyards reach Torre-Ramona, to see the church of Sant Joan Sesrovires. Workshop painting Cathrine Bergsrud, Palace Gralla and the Brotherhood of Cava Sant Sadurní, with a glass of Cava offered at the end of the tour

At night, the XV Festival of Music in the Vines. On 22 and 29 July, Subirats hosts the XV Festival of Music in the Vines, a festival that year after year, offers highly artistic concerts with some of the best musicians on today's scene.

In two consecutive weekends in the medieval village of Torre-Ramona, you have an appointment with the music. Summer Nights in Subirats do not fail to impress, find music difficult to see at home and enjoy a unique setting, surrounded by vineyards. 

This year, two unique concerts that are sure to fill the Festival of Music in the Vines with good music and feelings. Welcome to Torre-Ramona, start the show!

Torre-Ramona, with its great architectural and historical heritage, is the ideal place to hold a show of this size and type in Subirats.
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Tipus: RouteGuided tour of castleGuided tourOn foot
Informació addicional

Guided tour of the Castle of Subirats, Torre-Ramona and finishing in a way that leaves a viewpoint castle to the medieval village of Torre-Ramona.
Approximate distance: half a kilometer.
Difficulty: Easy
Bring suitable footwear.
Tasting a glass of Cava in the Brotherhood of Cava Sant Sadurní.

Subirats Castle tour schedule: 10am
Duration: 45 minutes
Address: Camí del Castell s / n. Els Casots 08739 (Subirats)
Hour arrival in the medieval village of Torre-Ramona: 12h 
Duration tour: 45 min.
Address: Rd. Gelida Sant Sadurní, km. 2 Torre-Ramona (Subirats)

Special Price: includes guided tour of the castle, local guide in Torre-Ramona, tasting a glass of Cava.

This activity takes place on Saturday 22 and 29 July, 1.100 Years within minutes of the Castle of Subirats and XV Festival of Music in the vineyards.