Discover the origin of the vineyard in Catalonia + Cava tasting

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Want to find out where viticulture in Catalonia began 2,500 years ago?

Origin of the wine in Catalonia
Discover what techniques once used to make wine and the differences with the current techniques with the excavation director. Know who and how started making wine in Catalunya over 2,500 years ago.

Artcava visit + tasting

Then you will head to walk through vineyards, to the closest  wine cellar, Artcava, a small artisanal winery founded by two young entrepreneurs, where you'll know the secrets of cava. 

Finally, enjoy a tasting of 3 Cavas in an ancient farmhouse.
Avinonet del Penedès
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Tipus: SchoolGuided tastingWine and Cava tastingGuided tourOn foot
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 With this pack you will visit the site of La Font Canya (Alt Penedès) With the excavation director, you will enjoy a visit to Artcava and finally tasting 3 Cavas in a commented tasting.A perfect plan!