Freixenet: visit & calçotada 2017 in the Mirador de les Caves

Tradition and technology to offer the best cavas
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43.80 €

Visit: after an audiovisual brief about the history of the company, we visit the old part of the cava, built in 1922. Here, our guides explain the process of making the cava and how technology has been incorporated into the Traditional Method. Then the visitors walk in a little train the last enlargements of the cava, where tradition and cutting edge technology coexist. After the tour we are waiting for the tasting room, where you can enjoy the different cavas (more than 18 years old)

Then enjoy the gastronomic festival of the winter with a great Calçotada in the Mrador de les Caves by Cal Blay

TO START… Arbequina olives + Chips Mediterranean

THE CALÇOTS  Unliimited Fortesa’s Calçots Mirador sauce

THE GRILLED MEATS: White sausagefrom Can Trave’s house in La Llacuna / Lamb from Farràs farm in Sant Llorenç / Black sausage of Carns Romeu Gelida / Chicken Farm

With garnitions: Baked potatoes with alli oli of cava / Santa Pau beans sauteed / Grilled artichokes / Bread and tomatoes

THE DESSERTS: Catalan Cream/ Orange fruit / Carquinyolis Sant Quintí

Selection of coffees and teas


Cava  Freixenet Brut Nature Vintage Reserva (1/2 ampolla per persona)

i visita inclosa a les Caves Freixenet


adult: € 43.80

young people from 13 to 17 years old: € 42.10

children from 9 to 12 years old: € 17.10

children from 2 to 8 years old: € 12.00

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