Visits à la Carte by Freixenet "Cavas & Cheese"

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40.00 €

At the Freixenet Winery we offer private tours for visitors who are looking for something a little bit special. These visits, always guided, allow a much more in depth look at the world of cava. The tour will be rounded off by a tasting with commentary that matches our Cavas with different elements of the Catalan food, such as cured ham, cheese, foie, sausage, iberian pork loin and bread with tomato.


VISIT À LA CARTE "CAVAS & QUEESE":  This proposal is aimed at gourmets. We will match several representative cheeses from different geographical areas with different textures and aromas which will harmonize perfectly with our cavas. Cheese and cava are fermented foods that can be stored for some time and offer a variety of flavors and aromas which are representative of their homelands.

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