Visits à la Carte by Freixenet "Cavas & Chocolates"

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At the Freixenet Winery we offer private tours for visitors who are looking for something a little bit special. These visits, always guided, allow a much more in depth look at the world of cava. The tour will be rounded off by a tasting with commentary that matches our Cavas with different elements of the Catalan food, such as cured ham, cheese, foie, sausage, iberian pork loin and bread with tomato.


VISIT À LA CARTE "CAVAS & CHOCOLATES":  Thinking in sweet tooth visitors we offer the possibility to know Freixenet and, at the end of the tour, to enjoy cava in a wonderful pairing. We will discover the world of cocoa and taste some of the most original chocolates. Visitors can play with the flavors of both products to complement or contrast tastes and enjoy the pleasure of their combination.

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Tipus: CelebrationGuided tastingGuided tourPairingsVisitWine and Cava tastingWine-tasting
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