War’s food

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Visit the small air-raid shelter in Santa Margarida i els Monjos for knowing how people fed in times of war and tasting war's food in Penedès

The Civil War left its mark on Santa Margarida
i els Monjos. The Monjos Aerodrome 331 was one of the most important airfields,
along with other sites in the surrounding area which today are part of the
Republican Aviation legacy in the municipal area.

The shelter is
situated in front of the Serral Country house, and old command point, the
shelter is the largest in the village. It is 10 metres deep with a length of 70
meters. The 3 ventilation chimneys can still be seen from the Memory Park,
where you can still see the
Interpretation Centre of Republican Air Force and Air War (Ciarga) is a
reference museum which explains the history of the Republican aviation,
combining scenes and original pieces with multimedia resources.

The tour ends with a tasting of war’s food in shelter, explaining how it
was affected everyday life at the time the problems in finding food.

Santa Margarida i els Monjos
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Tour every
1st Sunday of every month

Free for
children until 12 years