A FESTIVAL FOR THE SENSES in every glass of Penedès wine. A glass of wine enables you to savour a little portion of the land, art, culture, knowledge and traditionn. It is like coming into contact with the feelings and the personality of the people of this land.



To the traditional grape varieties of the Penedès we must be add a series of varieties that have gradually been introduced by Penedès winegrowers and winemakers in recent times, as a result of experimentation and constant innovation, as well as of them paying attention to the demands of new palates, plus the process launched to recover own local varieties that had been forgotten.




The Xarel•lo is the flagship grape of the DO Penedès. Bright, unique, well-rooted and gratifying... the essence of the territory. A variety, and a wine, that makes itself and lets itself be loved.

Xarel•lo is the most widely-cultivated grape variety in the DO Penedès with vines planted over a surface area exceeding 7,000 hectares. It enjoys excellent adaptation to the lands and climates of the Penedès. It is a hardy plant, which sprouts early and shows regular growth. Resistant to drought and heat, it offers a very balanced, quality production year after year, which is accentuated in the older vineyards.

The young wines are smooth, with a silky character but with a fine body, good acidity, fruity, aromatic and with excellent alcoholic strength.

Xarel•lo wines made for ageing are consistent, warm, long, with a mineral finish and markedly varietal expression, achieved through maceration of the skin, fermentation in barrels or concrete eggs, ageing on lees, etc.



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