Activity Tasting Room Simón Coll Xocolaters: Aromatic Cocoas

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30.00 €

Experience an activity to discover the world of cocoa and chocolate from a different point of view in the new Tasting Room & Aromatic Cocoa Factory of Simón Coll Xocolaters.

An activity that will let us begin a journey to the cacao origins to learn and experiment with:

  • Feelings. Touch, smell, taste...cocoa raw and roasted beans.
  • Experimentation. To make our chocolate as the Maya culture did.
  • The taste of the expert. To taste very singular aromatic cocoas from different origins.
  • The discovery. We will visit our cocoa investigation centre

Will you join us?

Timetables of the activity

Monday to Friday at 4pm
Saturday mornings at 11am (according to availability)

Duration of the activity: 2 hours aprox.

Price: 30€/person

Minimum group: 4 people

Activity only for adults (from 18 years old)

Required booking in advance. Limited places to 16 people ( no accepted bookings from 24 hours of the activity date)

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