CAL PUIG - Farmhouse between vineyards and forests

prices from
1.200,00 €

High-level restored farmhouse. Privileged environment for tranquility and great beauty among vineyards and mountains. It has a capacity of 10 guests, 5 bedrooms, 9 beds and 3 bathrooms.

With heliport. Arrival and personalized service.
House, 14 meter pool and gardens exclusive for guests.
Rooms with lots of charm and illuminated.
Kitchen opens to the living room for more comfort and good atmosphere.
Possibility to make on request, wine tastings of own cellar and other activities with horseback riding.
1h from Barcelona airport.


The rooms are keyed for more privacy, keep the structure of the original house. It preserves historic sites such as the old fireplace or the wine tub. The gardens are private and full of paths for walks. Terraces open to paisatges of vineyards.

Services and common areas

There are no common areas because all the space is exclusive and private for the guests of the house. They can also access through the exclusive path of the house in the alpacas stable and enjoy seeing them, know their customs and even feed them under the supervision of the breeders.

We have a dryer, towels, soaps, etc. and a fully equipped kitchen.

Attention to the guests

We will always be there to receive and fire customers. During the stay, there will always be 24 hours staff for any need or incident.

Other highlights

Since the house is in a natural park of forests and vineyards, in some occasion they can lose wifi coverage if there is a storm.

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