Gourmet Forvm Tour

Tour + 3 tasting + 4 vinegar paired with gourmet products
Exemple de mossec amb reducció de vinagre Forvm
prices from
17.00 €

The time has come to let go and get into the world of wine and gastronomy, hand in hand with the best vinegar. We will experience and enjoy with the 5 senses during the time the activity lasts.

We will let ourselves be carried away by the privileged environment in which the winery is located, between vineyards and only 3km from the sea with views to the Mediterranean coast.

The duration of the visit and the tasting of the 3 wines and 4 vinegar paired with gourmet products (3 savory tastings + 1 sweet) is approximate 1h 45’.

Informació addicional

Book your tour by enoturismo@avgvstvsforvm.com y/o 663 929 552 

And directly on www.avgvstvsforvm.com 

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