Llopart Picnic tour

This is an unforgettable and unique experience according to all our visitors. It involves a picnic in an elegant setting, where visitors can enjoy our local cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to explore the private country house of the Llopart family inherited by Bernardus Leopardi in the XIV century. Over the centuries, the country house was converted into the place where, in 1887, the first bottle of Llopart cava was produced. In this charming old winery you will experience a trip to the past with the tasting of our most emblematic and exclusive cavas. 

The picnic takes place in the middle of a vineyard, which offers unbeatable views.

A straw hat and a wicker basket will be delivered to every visitor and will contain:
· A vegetable sandwich
· “Escalivada” bread (is a traditional Catalan dish of smoky grilled vegetables.
It typically consists of roasted eggplant and bell peppers with olive oil and sometimes onion, tomato, minced garlic and salt)
· An olive sandwich with Iberian ham
· Spanish omelette (made of potatoes) with bread slices topped with tomato
· Local cold meats (cheese, spicy pork sausage and cold sausage)
· Macarone pasta
· Fresh fruit jelly

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