Mediterranean Picnic

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58,00 €

An activity designed especially for sharing a Mediterranean meal with a group of friends or colleagues.

In this meal we taste some of the most typical dishes of the area: bread with tomato, sausage, selection of cheeses, omelettes, etc… all paired with our Nadal X. Everything is prepared as a picnic to enjoy in the space around the fountain or at the barbecue.

The visit begins in the vineyards of the estate Nadal de la Boadella, some of which are more than 65 years old. In the middle of the estate are located the house, the winery, and the original cellar, built in 1943.
We continue the tour through the main stages of the process of elaboration of premium sparkling wines.
We will visit the cellar at a depth of more than 20 m, where the bottles are resting and we are able to witness the second fermentation.

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