Masía Spa Can Pascol
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In Masía Spa Can Pascol we propose a "Wellness en Pareja Break" for a weekend in our Spa between vineyards. (2 nights, 2 people).

SPA is the abbreviation of the Greek phrase "Salus Por Aquam", water as a concept of healing, relaxing and beauty treatment.

Spa Spa Masía Can Pascol is a room of 50m2 that is about 28-30 degrees of temperature and is very bright, natural light enters throughout the day through a skylight located on the roof. Inside the Spa and surrounded by natural stone and indoor plants, you will find a heated saltwater pool, water is always 32-34 degrees depending on the time of year. The pool also has chromotherapy, at dusk when no longer enters natural light through the skylight, the water becomes the colors of the LEDs installed inside the pool that are changing chromatic range, a relaxing experience at the same time vitalizing In the pool we can also relax in the Jacuzzi bench with the gentle massage of the air bubbles or with a good massage of the back and neck with the Scottish jet. The water from the Scottish jet rises a few degrees below the pool water to create a smooth thermal contrast.

In the Spa you will also find a rain shower with fixed thermostat, a static bicycle and a 3-seater infrared sauna with chromotherapy. The use of the sauna releases toxins (sodium, heavy metals, cholesterol, fats, nicotine and alcohol), cleanses the skin of waste, giving a better tone and elasticity, reduces cellulite, improves the whole metabolism, hydrates the respiratory system and has extraordinary relaxing abilities. It is recommended 15 to 20 minutes at 60 degrees of temperature, leaving the sauna is very healthy a shower of warm water, or cold for the brave, to tone the body with the temperature contrast. The use of the sauna is not recommended for people with ailments, cardiac, neurotic or epileptic.

Being Masía Spa Can Pascol a cottage for full rental and not for rooms, the use of the Spa is exclusive for you alone, very intimate, a luxury without sharing with other customers. You can enter and leave during the whole day of the Spa to use the heated pool. The jacuzzi and the escossés jet come into operation from 6 pm until midnight and the sauna from 5 pm to 10 pm. The Spa has a cleaning service, return bathrobes and individual slippers (non-return) and exclusive to enter the Spa. It also has the optional Extra Services of Massage with grape oil and wine therapy treatments.

Massage Letter:

Back massage (therapeutic, descontracturante, muscle relaxant). Legs and feet massage (activates circulation, muscle relaxant, heavy legs). Reflexology Foot (massage in the feet that helps improve vital organ disorders): All of them 45 minutes long and 40 euros.

Full Body Massage (muscle relaxant, mental and emotional, activates blood circulation). Energy Massage or Reiki (laying on of hands, energy transmission, total relaxation, calm nerves and anxieties): Both 60 minutes long and 50 euros.

Anti-stress massage (full-body relaxing massage, facial, hair, back, arms, hands, legs and feet): 90 minutes long and 60 euros.

Body Peeling (exfoliating action based on grape extracts that stimulates circulation leaving a renewed, soft and firm skin). Relaxing massage (with temperate grape oil): Both treatments lasting 45 minutes and 40 euros.

At Masia Spa Can Pascol we are committed to sustainability and responsible tourism, with the Slow philosophy and love of our planet.

In our Ecological Spa the heated pool is salt water, chlorine free, with more floating than normal, very relaxing. The water in the pool is heated by solar energy in spring and summer and with biomass in autumn and winter. The skylight of the roof of the Spa collects a lot of natural light making the Spa a very bright cabin throughout the day. The tropical plants of the natural rock of the Spa form a small microclimate that helps to collect the humidity of the environment assuring an optimum quality of the indoor air given the purifying effect of the vegetation.

Both the heating of the house (22 degrees) and the sanitary water of the house are heated with biomass.

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