Alt Penedès - Garraf. Ruta Medieval

The Penedès - Garraf area was for a long time a frontier zone with the Sarracens. Those were times of violence and upheaval, but above all because of the conflicts between the new Christian settlers, and not so much with the Moors as one might think. Monasteries, hospitals, remains of mediaeval settlements, churches, hermitages and above all castles, still stand today as living testimonies of the histories and legends that we will meet along the way.



1. Mediona Castle
2. Historical Buildings Site of La Roca

Other places of interest...

· Church of Sant Pere de  Riudebitlles
· Palace of the Marquesses of Lyon
· Church of Sant Marçal de Terrassola
· Mediaeval Centre of Sant Quintí de Mediona


1.Gelida Castle
2. Basílica ofe Santa Maria
3. Mediaeval Vilafranca
4. Historical Buildings Site of Olèrdola

Other places of interest...

· Monastery of Santa Maria dels Gorgs
· Castle of Castellet
· Hospital of Olesa de


1. Mediaeval collections of the Maricel Museum and the Cau Ferrat Museum

Other places of interest...

· Castle of La Geltrú
· Sota-Ribes Mediaeval Buildings

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